Symbiotic Marketing was the brain child of one highly educated, Stephanie Wilson. Several years in business has taught me one resounding fact, I have made decisions that I thought were quite smart but ended up, not being so "smart" and it's what I've done with these decisions that have made all the difference.

Let's look at how I've been smart  in my business:

The business name - Hard to spell and hard to remember. Huge marketing face palm for me being "clever."

The logo - Simplistic, but there's a reason for it and it will stay. I will be stubborn on this.

My own marketing - Yes, I put client needs before my own. And even told others to not look at my own.

I decided it was time that I put my smarts on the back burner and look at what I had created. It was time to Get SMRT. To learn from the lessons I had and take them to the next level.


I am here to help you take yourself and your business to the next level. You can do it, be SMRT about it.